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Fidels Seeds/Graines - Greasy Grapes Regular (X12)

Fidels Seeds/Graines - Greasy Grapes Regular (X12)

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Lineage Grease Monkey x (Grape Topanaga x Zkittlez Cake)

Greasy Grapes by Fidels Seed Co is one of the latest strains from Fidel Hydro, who got his start working for the infamous Commercial Grow Supply store in Santa Clarita, California.

Greasy Grapes by Fidels Seed Co has the potential to be great 'hash washer' strain thanks to the Grease Monkey mother in the lineage. The Grease Monkey has been crossed with the Topanga Grape x Zkittlez Cake male which are staple strains from Jungle Boys Genetics found in a large seed hunt they did of the Jungle Boys seeds. The Topanaga Grape is a cross of Jungle Boy's signature OG strain Topanga Canyon OG crossed with Zkittlez Cake.

Grease Monkey is a standout cultivar bred by Exotic Genetix that crosses the infamous resin strain GG4 with the signature 6* resin strain Cookies N Cream, which Exotic Genetix also bred. So no doubt the Greasy Grape is full of terps & great resin potential!

Don't miss out on this outstanding cultivar as it is limited to just 42 packs!

Fidel Hydro is also known for his work popularizing the connoisseurs smoke the joint filled with solventless extract that he has mastered and branded as Fidels Hash Hole also known as a donut joint. Fidel's Hash Holes are a creative endeavour that partners with some of the most sought-after creatives in the game and countless elite Hash Holes flower/ rosin collabs such as with DNA Genetics, Cookies SF etc.

  • 12 Graines Par Paquet
  • Los Angeles Seeds
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